About us


With over 23 years of experience, Sagar Bee is Nepal's leading Beekeeping Resource Center and the largest producer of quality natural honey and other bee products. Sagar Bee is also a social enterprise that provides training, equipment and technical support for bee-keepers by using modern and scientific tools and methods.

We support beekeepers in rural areas and help to market their bee product with an aim to create self-employment opportunities. We motivate Nepalese farmers to transform their subsistence-oriented farming to business-oriented farming to raise the quality of life.


Nabin Sagar Subedi


Nabin Sagar Subedi is a leader and a selfless social worker. From building a government school from scratch at his village to establishing a public library in Gaindakot, he has done hundreds of such work in his lifetime. Known as Sagar Guru, he has helped the society to stand firmly and lead itself towards development and positive change.



  • Devi Timilsina, Gaindakot
    Sagar Bee contributed a big part in taking commercial beekeeping to the rural villages of Nepal. It has also helped a lot for farmers to come as a well-trained beekeeper and an entrepreneur. I, personally, love to be part of Sagar Bee family.
    Devi Timilsina, Gaindakot
  • Chabilal Rijal, Gaindakot
    I learned Beekeeping through Sagar Bee and has been continuing it since last 12 years. Sagar Bee has been instrumental in providing best quality beekeeping equipment to the farmers as well as buy farmer’s produce unconditionally.
    Chabilal Rijal, Gaindakot
  • Chuma Gharti Magar, Gulmi
    Sagar Bee has helped me adopt modern beekeeping practices. They also provide all sorts of beekeeping equipment and also buy our produce. I feel happy to receive help and guidance through telephone as I live quite far from city and can’t travel now and then due to geographic complications.
    Chuma Gharti Magar, Gulmi