slider2Bee keeping is a micro-enterprise business. The business can be an income production of crops & fruits. Bee keeping as a commercial activity has a large potential in our generating activities for small and marginal farmer. Bee products like honey, wax pollen & royal jelly provide both nutrient food and cash income. Bee also helps in the process of pollination, thus increasing country but it is in very primitive stage. Bee products can be marketed in local as well as international market.

Although, bee keeping is a popular business in Nepal , the farmers cannot able to take more benefits as they can due to use of traditional methods. In many part of country farmer used to use hollow logs and local receptacles with the fixed combs. So the business is in primitive stage. The bee keeping business can be improved by adopting modern and scientific methods. The farmers who have been practicing traditional and primitive bee keeping can be trained to use modern techniques and improved hives. So that, they can receive more benefits and make it a real business for income generation. It can be managed and take cared by women and people of old age too. It can be established with small investment.

Sagar Bee Keeping Industry (SBKI) is a Bee Keeping Resource Center recognized by Nepal Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, Department of Agriculture. It was established in 1996 (B.S. 2053) with the inspiration of District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), Nawalparasi and registered in cottage & small industry office, Nawalparasi. It is affiliated with Nepal Bee Keepers Association.


Now, SagarBee has taken the initiatives to promote bee keeping in different part of Nepal.


It provides :


  • Training, technical support and equipment for bee-keeping
  • Help for bee products marketing to substantial bee keepers


The main objectives of Sagarbee are


  • To promote Bee Keeping Business in rural areas in order to create self-employment opportunity and raise the income level of farmer in Nepal .


  • To provide training and other technical support for beekeepers.


  • To produce and marketing Honey, Bee Hives, Bee colony, and other Bee Keeping materials.


  • To support the rural beekeepers for marketing of their products.


  • To conduct study and research work in the field of Bee Keeping.


Future Planning


Bee keeping is very potential market in Nepal . However the farmers are facing difficulties in marketing their products with appropriate price. In this context SB is planning to participate national and international trade fair and explore the business in internal and external market for bee products. There is no facility of laboratory to test the quality of honey and no facility of well-equipped processing plant in nearby area. Hence SB is seeking partnership with other organizations for establishing the lab and processing plant. SB is trying to perform study and research visit about new technology of bee keeping in international market.


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